Schedule Your Home Builder Warranty Inspection

Schedule Your Home Builder Warranty Inspection

11 Month Home Inspections Admirable Inspection Edmonton

Many new home owners opt not to inspect their new homes prior to possession. With Alberta required warranties and home builder requirements there is time to get it inspected as late as the 11th month of ownership. Once your home is 12 months old you may be required to sign off on your home builders […]

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Best Flashlight For Home Inspections

home inspection flashlight fenix

A good flashlight is one of a home inspector’s most valuable tools. But what flashlight is the best one for home inspections? I have bought and tried a few over the years and am sharing my experience with you now.

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Electrical Insurance Inspections In Edmonton

licensed elcetrical inspector edmonton

Home insurance companies are becoming more and more stringent on issuing home insurance policies without a electrical inspection. Even if you have lived in your home for years or you are  just buying a new home to live in or for investment purposes.

An electrical insurance inspection  is a inspection of your electrical components of your home. This includes but is not limited too the electrical mast,  power meters, service panel, breakers, wiring, sub panels, outlets, switches and light fixtures. An electrical inspection will determine what components you have, the type of the components/materials used and their condition.

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Secrets Of A Mike Holmes Inspection

mike holmes inspection

Ask 10 different home inspectors about Mike Holmes Inspections and you will get responses varying from positive, indifference and outright hostility. Why…. you ask? Mike Holmes Inspections is a company under the Holmes umbrella and a new reality TV show starring Mike Holmes following up after another home inspector allegedly does not do a proper home inspection. While this make for good entertaining TV and good marketing for Mike Holmes Inspections it distorts the truth about how visual home inspections are performed.

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4 Reasons To Never Skip A Professional Home Inspection

You have months of searching, negotiating, paperwork and stress. Now you are just about to sign the final documents for your new home. Wait! there is one more important step to complete before you sign. A professional walk-through home inspection. A proper home inspection will verify that everything that is stated in the contract is true and there are no significant expensive issues that were missed.

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Three Myths Busted About Home Inspections and Condos

condo inspection edmonton

I see this almost daily in my line of work as a home inspector. All the reasons why a home buyer doesn’t need to get a home inspection.

I have hired other home inspectors before and they did a very poor job
My house is new, it doesn’t need an inspection
Home inspections cost too much
I am a DIYer and I can recognize all the potential issues in a home
There are no home inspectors available when I was ready to purchase
My home is specialized, so a home inspector will not know what to do

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Six Things To Know When Hiring A Home Inspector In Edmonton

home inspection services

Marchuk’s multi-year homeowner nightmare began when she noticed a puddle on the basement floor after a heavy rainstorm. That led to finding a crack under a work table. When the table was moved out of the way, there turned out to be a gaping hole in the foundation.

The more she looked for problems, the more she found them. Studs had rotted. The one wall in the basement that was covered in drywall when she bought the house turned out to be in even worse shape.

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