Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tips And Maintenance

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Fire safety around the home or business is normally a process that is not thought about till it is too late. Taking a small amount of time today to plan and prepare for a fire emergency will pay huge dividends in your future even if no fires happen. Safety awareness is more about prevention than being proactive.  Once you become safety aware you start to be aware of potential safety issues before they happen.

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Electrical Insurance Inspections In Edmonton

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Home insurance companies are becoming more and more stringent on issuing home insurance policies without a electrical inspection. Even if you have lived in your home for years or you are  just buying a new home to live in or for investment purposes.

An electrical insurance inspection  is a inspection of your electrical components of your home. This includes but is not limited too the electrical mast,  power meters, service panel, breakers, wiring, sub panels, outlets, switches and light fixtures. An electrical inspection will determine what components you have, the type of the components/materials used and their condition.

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