Best Flashlight For Home Inspections

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home inspection flashlight fenix

A good flashlight is one of a home inspector’s most valuable tools. But what flashlight is the best one for home inspections? I have bought and tried a few over the years and am sharing my experience with you now.

I get asked all the time “What is the best flashlight for home inspections?”

home inspection flashlight fenix

There is a number of criteria to consider when asking about the best flashlight for home inspection.

  • lumens
  • size
  • price
  • warranty

Lumens is the brightness of the flashlight and plays a huge factor if you can see a defect or not. A light with not enough lumens will not illuminate drywall cracks or nail pops during the day on white walls or ceilings. I recommend at least 750 lumens and over 1000 lumens is better.

Size of the flashlight is also important and you want your flashlight to be handy at all times and not be tiring you out from packing it around all day. Most flashlights weigh over 500 grams or a pound and while might be good for defending yourself I think they are too heavy to pack all day. I prefer the pen lights that are small enough to fit in your hand and weigh less than 250 grams or a quarter of a pound.

How do you find a small flashlight that has over 1000 lumens and will fit in the palm of your hand?

Thanks to new battery and bulb technology these type of flashlights are becoming more and more affordable.

Here are the flashlights I have tried and my choices in order

home inspection flashlight fenix

Fenix PD35 Tactical

Over 1000 lumens at peak power and small enough to carry in your pocket this is my go to flashlight for home inspection. This flashlight retails around $100 on Amazon and has a Fenix lifetime warranty.

To save money you can also order a package of Fenix PD35 flashlight, 2 lithium-ion batteries and charger here

fenix home inspection flashlight

Fenix TK35

If you dont mind a bit more size and want some more lumens the Fenix TK35 boasts 2000 lumens and is still a manageable size for home inspections.  This package of the Fenix TK35, 4 batteries and a custom case can be ordered at Amazon and retails around $160


Eagletac T25 C2 flashlightEagletac T25 C2 XP-L V5


The Eagletac T25 C2 XP-L V5 would have ranked #1 if the price was a bit lower but this flashlight boasts over 1200 lumens, fits in the palm of your hand and has a lifetime warranty. A very good home inspection flashlight and comes in a package with battery and charger. Retails around $125 at Amazon


Maglite ML300LX LED


Maglite ML300LX LED flashlightThe Maglite ML300LX LED is a good quality home inspection flashlight that won’t break the bank.  Powerful LED bulb and the reliable Maglite name makes this medium-sized flashlight a budget-friendly  that retails around $50 dollars at Amazon

Flashlights to Avoid

Essentially any flashlight under $40 or under 300 lumens. They will not be bright enough or withstand the conditions of a home inspection. Save your money and buy a quality flashlight listed above and sleep easy knowing your flashlight will help you spot the defects that others miss.

If you have any flashlights you would like to recommend for home inspections please contact us.