11 Month Warranty Review

11 Month Home warranty reviews need the right consultant.

Contact Admirable today for  your families 11 month warranty review completed by the right consultant.

11 Month warranty reviews are a must for any new construction home.

What you need to know about 11 month home warranty reviews with Admirable. Although our lead is a “Certified Master Inspector” Admirable is not a Home Inspection service provider, we are the trained consultants that understand “The New Home Buyer Protection Act” and will not deliver a report with the limitations of a “Home Inspection”.

What you need to know about your warranty coverage: 

1) defects in materials and labour for at least 1 year after the commencement date of the home warranty insurance policy,
2) defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems for at least 2 years after the commencement date of the home warranty insurance policy,
3) defects in the building envelope1, including those resulting in water penetration, for at least 5 years after the commencement date of the home warranty insurance policy, and
4) structural defects for at least 10 years after the commencement date of the home warranty insurance policy.

Why Admirable? Training, education and site experience. Did you know we service home builders for quality control, compliance and failure reviews? We do this to ensure the future performance of their products and if a event occurs that needs support we guide them through the remedial path. 

Our lead consultant was a ” Home inspector” prior to becoming to a full time consultant. We have serviced thousands of customers at have set the education standard for warranty consultants. Here is some of our lead’s achievements. 

  • PHBI, Construction Performance Guidelines and Warranty Applications.
  • PHBI, National Building Codes (Alberta Edition) 
  • PHBI, Moisture Control Technician.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Thermographers.
  • Certified Master Inspector.
  • Haag, Certified Commercial Roofing Inspector.
  • ECC, EIFS Council of Canada (Consultant Member) 

Service costs to conduct warranty reviews and complete a detailed document referencing relevant codes and the new home warranty guidelines start from $950 and up depending on the details of your home and location. We will travel throughout Alberta!

When booking please provide the following:

  • The address of the home
  • Finished details
  • Any information about current concerns, a questionnaire will follow at time of booking.
  • The home builder

You can find more information about us here:

When discussing warranty reviews we must understand the service is not the same service as a home inspection nor should it be. This service is not  regulated by Service Alberta. Warranty reviews are completed to Admirable’s standard and is ultimately the same service we offer directly to the builders! This review focus’ on Building Code and the Alberta Government prescribed New Home Warranty Performance Guidelines.

The intent of New Home Warranty Assessment is to document viewable building code errors and deficiencies as defined in the Home Performance Guidelines or other applicable codes along with your list of defects and concerns about the home since possession.

We do require a written list of concerns to ensure proper diagnostics equipment is brought to your review. We will send you a helpful form to complete and return.

Using a third-party consultant is important to ensure that the correct references and content is used in the completed report. Included images will help describe the shared and discovered deficiencies. As experienced consultants we can not offer a guarantee what the underwriter of the policy will decide if involved. The builders insurance company is commonly the sole decision maker for many builders where others handle warranty inhouse for decision making.


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