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Looking for a Asbestos Demolition Assessment for use with the City of Edmonton?

How can Admirable Consulting assist with the City of Edmonton’s requirement for Asbestos Management under section 2 of the Asbestos Management and Utilities Disconnect?

LETTER OF COMPLETION BY CONSULTANT confirming required management of asbestos-containing materials is
completed in accordance with the Asbestos Project Notification and Plan submitted to Alberta Occupational Health
and Safety. This includes abatement (encapsulation and/or enclosure) previously performed.

LETTER OF CLEARANCE BY CONSULTANT confirming analysis of representative bulk samples by an accredited
laboratory reveals no asbestos-containing material requiring management are in the building(s) to be demolished.

We can help with, Renovation asbestos testing. Asbestos testing for concerned building owners. Demolition permit Asbestos testing. Asbestos testing and document prep for Infill. Admirable Consulting provides qualified personnel for common sense, affordable asbestos testing services.

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Is your health and safety a concern? 

Asbestos testing services compare materials in your building to a list of materials commonly known to contain asbestos, these are also known as Asbestos Containing Materials or ACM. Collected samples are sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis.


Once our site review and bulk collection is completed the laboratory report will tell us the presence or lack there of Asbestos in your building. This allows us to provide you the documentation you need. If you have asbestos, abatement may be required. Admirable Inspection Services does not offer abatement services and focus’ on honest testing services.

Did you know Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) were used dating back to the 1920’s?

Admirable Consulting will do Asbestos Testing and demolition assessment Services in Edmonton and surrounding areas, including St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Ardrossan, Acheson, Leduc, Calmar, Beaumont, Bruderheim, Morinville, Nisku, Gibbons, Camrose, and Villeneuve and more. Extra mileage applies.


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Asbestos testing should be completed prior to a contractor starting a project in any building older than 1990, contact us for more information on our asbestos testing service.


Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) History

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Selected primarily for heat and fire-resistant properties, Asbestos Containing Materials were used in construction of buildings in Canada dating back to the 1920’s. Asbestos Containing Materials use increased dramatically in the 1960’s up to the 1980’s. Asbestos Containing Materials became common place in all types of construction including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings alike.


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Decades later health care professionals found evidence that exposure to asbestos is deadly. Evidence of this serious health hazard was covered up by manufacturers and mining corporations. A direct link between asbestos and diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer resulted in the gradual phasing out of Asbestos. In 1979 manufacturing asbestos-containing products was effectively banned. Unfortunately building construction continued to use asbestos containing materials into the 1990s.

What can I expect to be collected in my Asbestos Testing Service?

Common Asbestos Containing Materials include:


Textured or “Popcorn” ceilings

Asbestos Testing Edmonton yeg



Construction mastics & sealants

Duct connectors

Electrical components





Vinyl products


Asbestos Resources

Alberta Health Services’ guidelines for asbestos testing and removal can be found here:

The Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding about mesothelioma in Canada, find out more here:

Health Canada information on: Your exposure to asbestos, Health risks of asbestos exposure, reduce your risk of exposure to asbestos, about asbestos, and other related information can be found here (copy and paste link):


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