Located in Edmonton proudly serving Alberta we understand without you "The Client" there is no us, as your service provider we are experienced and understand what comes with maintaining, purchasing or listing a property. We have been there!

We promise you respect and honesty while providing you quality services. Admirable inspectors and service providers are licensed and highly trained. Certified in home and commercial property inspections, Admirable offers multiple solutions for your investment and are committed to your satisfaction.

Alberta Home Inspector License #344509

Alberta Home Inspection Business #344508

Bonded and Insured

Certified in Residential and Commercial Inspections. Providing Inspections and services to Edmonton and surrounding area.

  • Inspect4Mold

    Residential Mold Inspection

    Field of Study: Residential and Commercial Inspection

    Dates Attended: 2016

  • Inspect4u

    Residential Home Inspection

  • Field of Study: Residential Home Inspection

    Dates Attended or expected graduation: 2016

  • O3 Canada

    Certified Ozone Shock Technician

    Field Of Study: Ozone cleaning and Odor Removal

    Dates Attended or expected graduation 2016

Home Inspection Edmonton Home Inspection Edmonton
Course Date Certificate Number
How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes Course 10/10/2016 EDU-0000-8101-65 12
Infrared Thermography Inspection Training Course 08/29/2016 EDU-0000-7953-89 5
Inspecting Commercial Electrical Systems Course 08/29/2016 EDU-0000-7950-95 6
How to Perform Deck Inspections Video Course 08/23/2016 EDU-0000-7930-33 1
Inspecting Commercial HVAC Systems Course 08/12/2016 EDU-0000-7889-30 2
Commercial Property Inspection Prerequisite Course 08/12/2016 EDU-0000-7888-42 8
How to Inspect HVAC Systems Course 08/07/2016 EDU-0000-7868-84 12
How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves, and Chimneys Course 08/06/2016 EDU-0000-7864-39 4
How to Inspect Pools and Spas Course 08/05/2016 EDU-0000-7861-41 8
Building Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging for Inspectors Course 07/28/2016 EDU-0000-7831-40 5
Performing a Home Energy Audit Course 07/27/2016 EDU-0000-7824-35 2
How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion Course 07/26/2016 EDU-0000-7820-52 8
25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know Course 07/26/2016 EDU-0000-7820-18 5
Customer Service and Communication for Inspectors Course 07/26/2016 EDU-0000-7819-67 4
Fundamentals of Inspecting the Exterior Course 07/25/2016 EDU-0000-7817-34 4
How to Inspect Water Heater Tanks Course 07/25/2016 EDU-0000-7815-30 4
Advanced Inspection of Crawlspaces Course 07/25/2016 EDU-0000-7814-77 3
Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers Course 07/24/2016 EDU-0000-7812-87 3
How to Perform Mold Inspections Course 07/24/2016 EDU-0000-7812-69 12
How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections Course 07/24/2016 EDU-0000-7812-31 4
How to Inspect the Exterior Course 07/24/2016 EDU-0000-7812-11 16
How to Inspect the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation & Interior Course 07/24/2016 EDU-0000-7811-34 14
Structural Issues for Home Inspectors Course 07/24/2016 EDU-0000-7811-12 4
Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors Course 07/23/2016 EDU-0000-7809-37 8
How to Perform Deck Inspections Course 07/23/2016 EDU-0000-7809-24 3
Safe Practices for the Home Inspector Course 07/23/2016 EDU-0000-7808-09 4
How to Perform Roof Inspections Course 07/23/2016 EDU-0000-7807-91 4
InterNACHI Residential Standards of Practice Course 07/20/2016 EDU-0000-7798-87 3
InterNACHI Code of Ethics Course 07/19/2016 EDU-0000-7794-21 1

  • The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

    Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

    Field of Study: Residential and Commercial Inspection

    Level of Study: Apprentice

    Dates Attended: 2007 / 2008

  • St. John Ambulance

    Standard First Aid and Level C CPR/AED

    Level of Study: Certificate

    Dates Attended: 2016

  • Alberta Construction Safety Association

    Construction Safety Training System CSTS-09

    Level of Study: Certificate

    Dates Attended: 2016

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My Promise to You

pre-listing inspections edmontonChoosing the right inspection service provider can be difficult. Unlike most professionals you hire, you probably won’t meet me until your inspection appointment–after you’ve hired. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and pricing. One thing that’s certain is that a thorough inspection requires a lot of work. Ultimately, a quality inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s effort. I guarantee that I will give you my very best.

— Steven Letendre

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