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Certified Pool Inspections Edmonton is  Admirable Inspection Services speciality. We provide a thorough pool inspection with 200+ items checked, modern equipment, punctual report, and experienced staff that you can depend on your pool inspection being done once and done right!  Admirable Inspection Services is licensed, bonded, insured by the Alberta government to perform pool inspections.

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What To Look For In A Pool Inspection

  • Adequate storage space was provided for equipment.
  • Decks around the pool were not cluttered.
  • Surfaces leading to the pool, including the deck and steps, were slip-resistant.
  • Decks (surfaces) on all sides of the pool met minimum safety standards.
  • The concrete surfaces were sloped properly. No indications of major cracking or settlement were observed.
  • There were no standing puddles on the deck.
  • All ladders, stanchions, chairs, rails, treads, plates, and other deck equipment were tightly secured in place.
  • An adequate means of egress from the pool was provided.
  • Steps, treads, ramps, ledges, and other protrusions into the pool were marked with a contrasting color coating or tile on both the top and vertical rise.
  • No unpleasant odors or irritating fumes were apparent.
  • No physical damage was apparent at the pool equipment.
  • Main drain grates were bolted securely to the pool’s bottom.
  • Grates were visible from the deck, with no damage apparent.
  • Drain covers were installed.
  • Water return inlets were installed.
  • The pool was reportedly vacuumed daily.
  • No debris was visible. The water was clean.
  • There was no discoloration of the water.
  • Algae growth was not visible.
  • The pool water was reportedly tested at the frequency required or desired.
  • All water quality and chemical levels were reportedly within acceptable ranges during the most recent test.
  • Bacteriological water analysis is reportedly performed on a regular basis.
  • Water temperature was maintained within acceptable levels and was appropriate for the primary activities being conducted in the pool.
  • The water temperature was reportedly measured and recorded.
  • The type of heater was identified.
  • Efficiency and BTU ratings of the heater were identified.
  • The heater was installed on a level, non-combustible base.
  • Safety devices were installed on the heater.
  • The thermostat was identified and located.
  • Check valves between the heater and filter were installed.
  • Bonding and grounding were visible.
  • The heater was installed downstream of the pump and filter.
  • Adequate clearances around the heater are maintained.
  • Pool chemicals were stored a safe distance away from the heater.
  • Coping stones and tiles were not chipped, cracked or loose.
  • The pool shell appeared smooth, without readily visible defects.
  • There was no visible surface staining.
  • The water level appeared to be maintained to allow for the removal of floating debris.
  • The water level appeared at the proper height to allow continuous overflow of water into the gutters or skimmers.
  • Skimmer weirs, skimmer baskets, deck covers, and flow-adjustment devices were installed.
  • Lights were installed and were operational.
  • The type, number and wattage of deck lighting were identified.
  • The number of underwater lights was noted.
  • The centrifugal pump was secured to its base and was operating quietly.
  •  The hair and lint strainer basket was clean of debris.
  • The type of pipe was identified.
  • Pipes and fittings were not leaking.
  •  Pipes were supported adequately.
  • Pipes were not showing signs of calcification, corrosion or deterioration.
  •  Air pressure-relief valves were installed on all pressure filter tanks.
  • Filter tanks were accessible.
  • The filter’s brand was identified.
  •  A clean sight glass or visual outfall of at least 3 feet has been provided.
  •  The pressurized filter tanks and hair and lint traps were not leaking and were properly sealed.
  • All piping, filters and components that are part of the system were labeled, tagged, color-coded or otherwise identified.
  • There was no diving board installed. No diving is permitted.
  • Hose bibbs were installed near the pool.
  • Electrical wiring was not passing directly over the pool or spa.
  • GFCIs were installed.
  • A spa (indoor hot tub) was installed.
  • The spa was operational.
  • No physical damage was apparent at the spa.
  • A spa timer was installed and not reachable by a spa user.
  • The emergency shut-off switch for the spa was installed and clearly labeled.
  • The return drains at the bottom of the spa were installed.
  • The spa appeared clean and adequately maintained.
  • Safety signs were installed around the pool and spa.
  • A throwing rope and attached ring buoy were installed near the pool.
  • A telephone was installed near the pool.
  • The HVAC system for the pool and spa area was functional.
  • The thermostat was of a digital type and was functioning.
  • Storage rooms, the boiler room, and other doors were labeled with safety indications.
  • The water fountain functioned and it was secured to the wall.
  • The fixtures, toilets, showers, doors, and interior surfaces in the men’s and women’s bathrooms adjacent to the pool and spa facility were operational.
  • All windows were operational.
  • All doors were operational and had no visible trip hazards.
  • The exits signs, alarms, emergency lights, and related systems were tested by a third-party contractor.

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